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Why we like the cloud so much

May 26, 2021 8:50:39 AM / by Paul Planje

Side view of busy group of researchers working on experiments in the laboratoryThe powerful, flexible iLES - the iVention Lab Execution Platform - stands for modern, web-based, scalable lab management. The platform is the foundation of all our iVention solutions and arguably the smartest way to digitally transform a lab. We are convinced: Without paper and without paperwork, bridges between the data islands generated in a lab can be built faster and more efficiently than ever before. But there are many more good reasons why we at iVention love the "cloud" so much.

The iVention Cloud
With LIMS, the highly integrated laboratory information and management system, electronic laboratory notebooks (ELN), scientific data management systems (SDMS) and efficient groupware solutions, we have powerful solutions for the modern, digital operation of a laboratory in our portfolio. The basis for the application of the aforementioned building blocks is our iLES, the iVention Lab Execution Platform. The cloud-based platform does not require the installation of client software and is available in both hosted and installed versions. In both cases, iLES can be effortlessly configured to meet customer requirements to perfection without custom coding. Sounds simple? It is - and ease of use is also one of the reasons we like the cloud so much.

Insight into lab data anytime and anywhere
No matter where you are: Our iLES platform is accessible to you at all times. Whether via cell phone, tablet or PC: iLES provides users, managers and cooperation partners with information in real time. Without a separate client installation, any data user can access iLES with a web browser. And because iLES also comes with a client portal, your customers can also take advantage of our system - at no extra cost, because the client portal is already included in the end-user license fee. The cloud brings the laboratory world closer together. We love "our data clouds" for that, too.

Working paperless
iLES enables paperless working via tablet computers on the web and in the cloud. The generated data can be used throughout the company without any detours. iLES simplifies access to real-time information - of course, always in compliance with legal regulations and data integrity. In this way, our platform saves time and, by automating processes, also costs. In addition, iLES reduces the amount of manual data processing. Our vendor-neutral iVention technology transforms labs into highly integrated, paperless environments. The third plus point for our cloud.

How do you see digital cloud-based solutions being used in the lab? We are eager to hear your opinion on the topic of digital transformation! Write to us, we look forward to a stimulating exchange of ideas! 

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Paul Planje

Written by Paul Planje

I have been working since 1992 on subjects such as efficiency and Productivity increase. Initially in the laboratory and research sectors. Here I made my experiences with analytical instruments and automation. With the change to sales, enterprise solutions such as Scientific Data Management Systems (SDMS), Laboratory Information Systems (LIMS), Laboratory Execution Systems (LES), Electronic Laboratory Journals (ELN) and Document Management Systems (DMS) were added. In the last years I was engaged in the digitization of processes and their measurements. Scince 2019 I'm running the iVention DACH region supporting our customers to move into the digital lab world.