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On the Way to the Data Factory of the Future

Feb 1, 2022 11:45:00 AM / by Paul Planje posted in Lean Lab, Platform, Digital transformation, Research, Cloud Technology


The more digitized our laboratories become, the more extensively IT structures network devices, locations and employees, the faster results are obtained, shared and evaluated. One thing is certain: the digital laboratory will become a data factory. Enormous amounts of data have to be processed and managed day after day. The flood of data is becoming a challenge - not only for daily operations, but also for management.

One of the greatest current challenges is to automate the previous, manual processes within a laboratory - and then to integrate the processes into existing laboratory information management systems. With the iVention iLES platform, we are addressing exactly this point. iVention iLES is a highly integrable, web-based platform that transforms laboratory data into valuable, digital information. iLES is scalable and fully customizable to the individual needs of each laboratory. With intelligent features and the ability to be fully networked, iLES not only increases flexibility, but also cost-effectiveness. "By the way", iLES is a powerful tool when it comes to processing and managing large amounts of data - Big Data.

No fear of data floods - this is the approach we at iVention take with iLES. We accompany our customers from A - Z, i.e. from the first consultation to the setup to the daily use. Because we know exactly which hurdles await users when switching from the "classic" to the digital laboratory of the future. Why not give us a try right now? We look forward to hearing from you. We would be happy to work with you to develop the optimal solution for your laboratory's transition to digitalization!

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