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May 4, 2021 8:08:18 AM / by Paul Planje

HololensWe find them in nearly every laboratory - the data islands. In the course of the digital transformation, the data generated in our laboratories is spread across more and more systems, most of which are different. Where once a database and one or two Excel spreadsheets might have been used, a real ecosystem of different data sources has developed over the last few years. In laboratories around the world, these data islands consist not only of digitally generated data - but also of a whole lot of paper. Notes, file entries, experimental results are still often recorded on paper. Processing and managing the data islands means manual effort - and thus time that is missing for the actual tasks in the daily business of a laboratory.

With iLES, bridges are built. Bridges between the data islands generated in the laboratory! With iLES, working paperless via tablet computers on the web and in the cloud becomes a real game changer - transforming data from data islands into information that can be used throughout the entire company. iLES simplifies access to real-time information - while of course complying with legal requirements and data integrity at all times. iLES also saves time and costs, however, because the solution automates processes and reduces the amount of manual data processing. As iLES is vendor-neutral, the solution can turn any lab into a highly integrated, paperless environment.

So - let's build bridges together and make your lab ready for the demands of the future, too! Write to us, we will be happy to advise you in detail on the optimal strategy for the comprehensive digitization of your laboratory!Your blog post content here…

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Paul Planje

Written by Paul Planje

I have been working since 1992 on subjects such as efficiency and Productivity increase. Initially in the laboratory and research sectors. Here I made my experiences with analytical instruments and automation. With the change to sales, enterprise solutions such as Scientific Data Management Systems (SDMS), Laboratory Information Systems (LIMS), Laboratory Execution Systems (LES), Electronic Laboratory Journals (ELN) and Document Management Systems (DMS) were added. In the last years I was engaged in the digitization of processes and their measurements. Scince 2019 I'm running the iVention DACH region supporting our customers to move into the digital lab world.