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Lab Automation? Our lab has no capacity for that!

Oct 13, 2021 11:45:00 AM / by Paul Planje

labthingsThe implementation of a digital platform in the daily laboratory routine is expensive, time-consuming and cannot be managed without IT specialists. These are just some of the prejudices you hear about the digitalization of laboratories. But what is actually true about these prejudices? Is it really true that a digital platform - and its management - is more work than it is beneficial? Let's take a closer look at the iLES platform.

Prejudice 1: The platform is expensive!

Of course, the iLES platform costs something - a one-time license fee as well as small annual follow-up costs for maintenance, updates and support. The platform is available as a cloud version. This means that the vendor provides the platform via the cloud and takes care of maintenance, updates and patches, in short the entire functionality of the platform. In return, labs that rely on the iLES platform get a whole lot of saved time. This is because iLES virtually eliminates the need for manual data entry, can be used to automate routine processes, and is always up to date thanks to automatic updates. These advantages clearly compensate for the costs of the iLES platform.

Prejudice 2: The platform is time-consuming

The iLES platform is 100% web-based. For use in the lab, this means that neither an own, extensive IT infrastructure nor a time-consuming setup is necessary. On the contrary: The iLES platform is available on all internet-enabled devices within a very short time - with minimal effort. All required program data of the iLES platform is stored in the cloud. Updates and upgrades are applied and installed fully automatically. For the user, this means: No time lost due to tedious "IT work", but optimized workflow due to a high degree of automation.

Prejudice 3: IT specialists are needed for a digital platform

The orientation of the iLES platform makes it possible for laboratories to outsource all "IT activities" that inevitably arise with on-premises platforms. Neither setup nor ongoing operation requires IT specialists! iLES is extremely easy and intuitive to use, which also eliminates the need for extensive staff training.

Would you like to learn more about the advantages of the iLES platform in your daily laboratory routine? Just give us a call or write to us - we look forward to hearing from you!

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Paul Planje

Written by Paul Planje

I have been working since 1992 on subjects such as efficiency and Productivity increase. Initially in the laboratory and research sectors. Here I made my experiences with analytical instruments and automation. With the change to sales, enterprise solutions such as Scientific Data Management Systems (SDMS), Laboratory Information Systems (LIMS), Laboratory Execution Systems (LES), Electronic Laboratory Journals (ELN) and Document Management Systems (DMS) were added. In the last years I was engaged in the digitization of processes and their measurements. Scince 2019 I'm running the iVention DACH region supporting our customers to move into the digital lab world.