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What exactly is a lean lab?

Jun 15, 2020 12:00:00 AM / by Paul Planje

When talking about the digitalisation of laboratories, terms are often mentioned which at first glance are not necessarily understandable. Therefore, we dedicate ourselves to these terms in loose succession and shed some light on the subject. Today it's all about the "Lean Lab". If you want to know what Lean Lab means and what this has to do with the digitalization of a laboratory, you should definitely read on!

Lean - From production to the lab
The term "lean" literally means first of all only "slim". The term was coined 30 years ago by researchers at MIT in the United States. At that time, the researchers were investigating Toyota's extraordinarily efficient production system. And developed corresponding guidelines - the "lean principle". The lean principle is designed to avoid errors, reduce costs and significantly improve the quality of a product or service. What works in production can certainly also be transferred to laboratories - this is what many entrepreneurs thought up to now. Even if the requirements in laboratories are completely different from those in manufacturing companies: The basic principles can certainly be transferred with a few special adaptations!

What are the concrete advantages of a Lean Lab?
The Lean Lab is characterized by a considerable increase in productivity with shorter throughput times and lower costs. Laboratory processes are better structured and controlled, resulting in consistent and always predictable performance. As do more results that are immediately correct (so-called "RFT").

And how can Lean Lab be implemented in my laboratory?
The laboratory of continuous improvement with the most efficient processes requires above all changed ways of thinking and behavioral optimization in everyday laboratory life. And a digital infrastructure that supports you and your employees optimally. We would be happy to help you if you want to "slim down" your laboratory. Please write to us or give us a call!

Paul Planje

Written by Paul Planje

Ich arbeite seit 1992 an Themen wie Effizienz und Produktivitätssteigerung. Zunächst in den Bereichen Labor und Forschung. Hier machte ich meine Erfahrungen mit analytischen Instrumenten und Automatisierung. Mit dem Wechsel in den Vertrieb kamen Unternehmenslösungen wie Scientific Data Management Systems (SDMS), Laborinformationssysteme (LIMS), Laboratory Execution Systems (LES), Elektronische Laborzeitschriften (ELN) und Dokumentenmanagementsysteme (DMS) hinzu. In den letzten Jahren habe ich mich mit der Digitalisierung von Prozessen und deren Messungen beschäftigt. Seit 2019 leite ich die iVention DACH-Region und unterstütze unsere Kunden beim Einstieg in die digitale Laborwelt.